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Digital Photo Software
Enlargements & Editing

Shortcut® Products is the developer of two inexpensive programs that makes life a lot simpler, when working with photographs, images and web pictures.

S-Spline Pro (PhotoZoom Pro) is a fast, simple and effective digital photo software enlargement program that enlarges photographs and graphics, virtually distortion free.

I-Tricks 2 (PhotoClean) is an equally effective digital photo editing software program that makes restoring and enhancing photos fun, easy and beautiful.

Anyone who professionally works with photos will occasionally need to enlarge and enhance and repair them. At best, this need often produces a pain in the "tushy". Even experts using complicated graphics programs often find the process slow, tedious and quite often, the results are not very good..

On the bottom line, S-Spline Pro (PhotoZoom Pro) and I-Tricks 2 (PhotoClean), provides a novice with an expert's ability's fast!

  • S-Spline Pro (PhotoZoom Pro) digital photo enlargement software professionally enlarges photos.
  • I-Tricks 2 (PhotoClean) photo editing software professionally cleans up photos.

This page provides easy to understand information and examples about what S-Spline Pro (PhotoZoom Pro)does. Links on this page provide more detailed information and examples, for the technically orientated.

S-Spline Pro (PhotoZoom Pro)

The problem with trying to just enlarge a picture is the fact that the bigger you make it, the worse it looks. Even expensive graphic programs that provide you with enlargement "tools" still have the same limitation. Make the photo enlargement big enough and the old "jaggies" start appearing.

Even experts who can make a fairly decent photo enlargement have to spend a lot of time in getting a reasonable job done. S-Spline Pro (PhotoZoom Pro) makes the job fast, easy and accurate.

Here is a "nuts and bolts" explanation of how the program works.

A digital photograph is made-up of "pixels". This is like the dots produced by inkjet printers, except they are square.

On a normal picture you don't see these squares because there is enough of them that everything looks smooth.

Enlarge your photograph 200-400% and you will immediately see the familiar saw-tooth edges, around objects in the picture. Enlarge it even more and the picture becomes blurred, in addition to "ragged".

It is easy to understand what has happened. Pixels always stay the same size. When you enlarge a photograph, your program must create new pixels. Most programs don't do this job very good.

Shortcut® Products, the creator of S-Spline Pro (PhotoZoom Pro), has developed a new method of "filling in the blanks". Simply stated, they have created a new, patented internal mathematical formula (called an algorithm) that automatically creates new pixels that fit into your image as natural as the original. Their new algorithm has revolutionized how a quality, digital photo enlargement can be produced.

The below picture is a typical photo at 100%. The other pictures display a close-up section of a 200% enlargement. Note: The picture labeled "bicubic" is the enlargement method used by most standard graphic programs.

Soccer Pro

The quality of S-Spline Pro (PhotoZoom Pro) algorithms is obvious, when looking at the hair and the designs on the boys T-shirt. With standard graphic programs, even the hair looks less shiny, because of the detail lost in the shape and lightning. The S-Spline Pro (PhotoZoom Pro) enlargement maintained clarity.

Notes: The displayed sample images have been reduced to fit the web site dimensions. Comparison pictures below are close-ups of a 200% enlargement of the original.

S-Spline Pro (PhotoZoom Pro)

On the bottom line, this means that your enlargement looks as good as the original. As a test, we enlarged a 3x5 picture, 1,000%. Details on the enlargement looked just as good as on the small 3x5.

Here is what our customers had to say:

"I fooled around with trace programs for about three days, trying to turn a poor jpg image into something I could use. I tried the S-Spline Pro (PhotoZoom Pro) demo and it did a beautiful job in about 10 seconds, so I bought it". Charlie Hotchkiss, Intelligent Products Inc.

"I was looking for a simple program to enhance digital images and art for enlargements, S-Spline Pro (PhotoZoom Pro) has enabled us to enlarge even the smallest of files to full size enlargements with little pixilation or any at all. Thanks for the tip and a great program!!" Jack Reynolds, Designer Creation
(The picture was an 8"x10" and was blown up to 4'x4' 600meg)

More Examples...

The program works. It is fast. It is easy to learn.
At $129, it is much cheaper than other programs that don't work as well

Even with these benefits, however, we still don't want you to spend your money, without trying the program. We have made taking a free "test-drive" very easy.

Click here to download and Order
S-Spline Pro (PhotoZoom Pro), I-Tricks 2 (PhotoClean).

All sales are final when purchasing these programs.
Please download and "test-drive" the products before you purchase.
(They are full unregistered versions)

There are lots of photo restoration programs out there. Some are expensive and complicated, while others are cheap, but not very effective. We like I-Tricks 2 (PhotoClean) because it is not complicated or expensive but it is effective. Learn more on the next page of your sublimation business tour.

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Updated: 6/10/2011
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